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The American Legion George Johns Post 447 

The American Legion George Johns Post 447

Veterans and their families have received support from the American Legion George Johns Post 447 in Round Rock, Texas, for more than 70 years. George Johns, a World War II soldier who perished in combat, had a post made in his honor in 1946. Post 447 of the American Legion, a national organization, is one of Texas’s oldest and busiest posts. This nonprofit group’s nonpartisan mission is to meet the needs of the community’s citizens, veterans, and their families. 

Numerous activities and services are provided by the post, such as help with VA benefits, educational and scholarship opportunities, and community events. Post 447 supports neighborhood charities like the Fisher House Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House, as well as a young baseball club. 

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No matter how long or where they served in the military, all veterans are eligible to apply for the position. The George Johns Post, 447 of the American Legion, is a testament to loyalty and patriotism.

The Services and Benefits Offered by the Post

The American Legion George Johns Post 447 in Round Rock, Texas, is dedicated to serving veterans and their families. It provides a range of services and advantages to its members, including veteran assistance, community outreach programs, and social events. Due to its dedication to its members and the community, the post has grown to be a vital resource for local veterans.

One of the primary services offered by the post is veteran assistance. The post provides a variety of resources to help veterans navigate the complicated process of accessing benefits and services from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The post offers financial assistance to veterans and their families in emergency situations, such as home repairs or medical expenses. 

The post also has a team of trained service officers who can provide guidance and support to veterans seeking disability compensation or other forms of assistance. Through these services, the American Legion George Johns Post 447 is able to make a real difference in the lives of veterans and their families in Round Rock.

The American Legion George Johns Post 447

How to Get Involved with the Post

The American Legion George Johns Post 447 in Round Rock, TX, is a fantastic organization that provides essential services to veterans and their families. There are several ways to get involved with this post and show your support for the brave men and women who have served our country. Whether you are a veteran yourself, a family member of a veteran, or just an American who wants to give back, there is a place for you at Post 447.

  • Becoming a Member 

Membership is open to all veterans who have served honorably during wartime, as well as current military personnel and their families. By joining Post 447, members can access a variety of benefits, including networking opportunities, educational resources, and access to exclusive discounts.

In addition to these benefits, becoming a member of Post 447 allows individuals to give back to their community in meaningful ways. Members can participate in volunteer initiatives, fundraising events, and advocacy efforts aimed at supporting veterans and their families. Post 447 also offers various leadership opportunities for members looking to take a more active role in the organization. By becoming a member of the American Legion George Johns Post 447, individuals can connect with like-minded individuals, engage in rewarding community service, and make a positive impact on the lives of veterans and their families.

  • Volunteering 

he post has a multitude of volunteer opportunities, ranging from assisting with events and activities to helping out with community service projects. The post regularly hosts events such as pancake breakfasts, bingo nights, and holiday celebrations where volunteers are needed to help with setup, food service, and cleanup. Community service projects include assisting local veterans, participating in local parades, and helping out at the local food bank.

Volunteering at the post not only provides an opportunity to give back to the community, but it can also be a chance to connect with other veterans and community members. Volunteering can be a social and engaging experience, allowing volunteers to meet new people and establish connections with others who share similar values and interests.  check it out

Volunteering at the post can provide an opportunity to learn about the history and mission of The American Legion and to gain a better understanding of the role that veterans play in their local communities. By volunteering at the post, individuals can make a positive impact on their community while also learning and growing personally.

  • Donating

The Post relies heavily on donations from the community to fund its programs and services. These donations help them provide assistance to veterans and their families, as well as support for community events and programs.

There are many ways to donate to the American Legion George Johns Post 447. You can make a monetary donation by visiting their website or mailing a check. You can also donate items such as clothing, food, and personal care items to the Post.

 These items are distributed to veterans in need or used to support community events. By making a donation, you are supporting the important work that the Post does for veterans and their families in Round Rock, TX.

Important Information You Should Know

  • Address: 1000 N Georgetown St, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States
  • Website: 
  • Phone: +15122440480
  • Business Hours: Monday and Sunday (12–9 PM), Tuesday to Thursday (12–11 PM), Friday and Saturday (12 PM–1 AM)